Vereinigte Volksbank eG
Förderverein „Indienhilfe Saar e.V.”
IBAN: DE07 5909 2000 1540 3000 00

Verwendungszweck bitte wählen:

  • Ausbildungs- oder Familienpatenschaft / Special School
  • Nutztierspenden / ökologische Landwirtschaft
  • Notfall-Hilfen / medizinische Hilfe / Ambulant Care
  • Trinkwasserprojekte / Solarenergie / „go for green life” (Papaya)
  • Messintentionen


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Founding statutes:

§ 1 Name, registration, registered office, business year

The association is called Förderverein Indienhilfe Saar e.V. and is to be entered in the register of associations. After entry, he adds the "e.V."
The association is based in Saarwellingen. The business year of the association is the calendar year.

The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable, charitable or church-related purposes in the sense of the section “Tax-privileged purposes” of the tax regulation.

§ 2 Purpose, tasks and charitable status

The purpose of the association is to support needy people from India.
The purpose of the statute is realized in particular by:

  • Training aids and school sponsorships for children and adolescents
  • targeted personal help for disadvantaged and disabled people
  • Prevention and health education training
  • Development of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, churches
  • Aid for medical and social care as well as palliative care
  • Girls and women promotion projects to raise awareness / self-realization
  • agricultural projects; Promotion of self-employment / small business
  • Generation of drinking water; Renovation / renewal of apartments and houses
  • Emergency Aid and Disaster Management

The association is entitled to set up foundations for the purposes of the articles of association mentioned in § 2.

The association is selflessly active and does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. The financial resources required to fulfill the association's purpose are raised through donations, as well as through services and contributions from third parties.

The funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive payments from the association. Resigning members have no claims to the association's assets.

No person may benefit from expenses that are alien to the purpose of the association or from disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 3 members

Any natural person who has reached the age of 18, as well as legal entities, can become a member.

Membership must be applied for in writing to the board. The latter decides on the application for admission at its own discretion with a simple majority of votes. The board of directors is not obliged to inform the applicant of the reasons for rejection, an admission claim is excluded.

§ 4 termination of membership

Membership ends with resignation, exclusion, death or loss of legal capacity for legal entities.

Membership is terminated in writing to the board with four weeks' notice. The exclusion of a member can be pronounced for an important reason and with immediate effect if there is a gross violation of the articles of association or the interests of the association. The board decides on this with a simple majority of votes. He grants the member the opportunity to comment on the allegations made before expiry of two weeks.

Upon termination of membership, for whatever reason, all claims from the membership relationship expire. A return of donations or other support services is fundamentally excluded.

§ 5 membership fees

Membership fees are not charged. A one-time admission fee of 20 euros is requested. There are also various options for voluntary financial support from the association.

§ 6 organs of the association

The organs of the association are the Management Board and the General Meeting.

§ 7 Board

The board of directors of the association is the chairman and the deputy chairman. They are entitled to sole representation in the sense of § 26 BGB. Additional board members, supporting members or honorary members - without authorization to represent - can be elected to the extended board.
The association is represented by the chairman and the deputy chairperson, both in and out of court. The board's power of representation is limited to the extent that the members are only liable with their share in the association's assets. The board is elected by the general assembly for a period of two years. He remains in office until a new election is made.

§ 8 General meeting

The ordinary general meeting takes place at least once a year.
It primarily decides on the election and discharge of the board, changes to the statutes and the dissolution of the association. Each general meeting is called by the chairman, if he is unable to do so by the vice-chairman with a notice period of at least two weeks. The meeting with notification of the agenda is made in writing or by email to all members. An extraordinary general meeting is to be convened at the request of at least 10% of the members. A record of the decisions of the general assembly is to be recorded, which is visible to every club member.

The general assembly is responsible for the following matters:

  • Receive and advise annual reports; Discharge of the board
  • Determination of the income / surplus calculation or the annual financial statements
  • Election and dismissal of the members of the board
  • Resolution on changes to the articles of association and on the dissolution of the association
  • all other matters of particular importance for the association.

§ 9 dissolution

The dissolution of the association can only be decided in a general meeting called for this purpose. If the association is dissolved or if tax-privileged purposes cease to exist, the assets of the association fall to the non-profit organization

SOS Children's Villages worldwide, Hermann Gmeiner Fund Germany e.V., Ridlerstraße 55, D-80339 Munich

which it has to use directly and exclusively for charitable, benevolent or church purposes within the meaning of these statutes. The prerequisite is that the aforementioned organization is tax-privileged at the time the assets are transferred.


Saarwellingen, May 5th, 2017